About Our Dedicated and Superior Staff

About Our Dedicated and Superior Staff

Some families are born to the greatness of professional sports, extended adventures in faraway lands, and awesome academic or scientific discoveries. Our family learns by making bad mistakes: really bad mistakes. If we don’t bleed or hurt as the result of our choices, we really are at a loss. We answer the questions you have and give you truly terrible and tested advice. No need to seek out worse advice on the internet, as we bring it directly to you.

Welcome to ReallyDumbAdvice

Your Trusted Source for Horrible Insights

With our staff’s 200+ years of experience making bad choices, awful purchases, and making every mistake known to man, we are the true source of horrible insights that can provide you with some of the worst advice possible. We can’t guarantee that it’s the worst, but we guarantee it is some of the best of the worst advice and tips.

About Our Dedicated and Superior Staff
Our Mission - Answer the Questions You Didn’t Know to Ask

Our Mission

Answer the Questions You Didn’t Know or Want to Ask.

Our years of using, testing, wasting, and sticking to the worst possible choices have led to the development of a comprehensive list of questions that we aim to answer for each type of advice that we offer. Our advice, tips, guides, and information are some of the best of the worst available on the internet.

Why Choose Us?

We Choose to Be the Worst

We have a team of highly qualified people with good background knowledge and experience in the various types of challenges and life experiences, and we shape this into guidance, tips, advice, and information that is horrible, abominable, and the best of the worst.

Why Choose Us? - We Understand Tape
Using and testing tape for you since 1970.

Providing the Best of the Worst Tips since 1965.

We believe that your advice and tip needs deserve the highest quality, comprehensive answers that provide clarity for your daily challenges.

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Our Professionals

We have a team of highly-creative and experiential guides and testers with the worst possible background knowledge and experience. We’re all well-versed in truly bad help and advice and truly care about your challenges.

We offer free consultations through email to answer any questions you may have. Contact us through one of the channels on this website for a consultation or appointment.

We're Highly Qualified.

We’re not trained, certified, licensed, or insured. We just know how to dispense truly awful advice.

We're Experienced.

We have 200+ years of both bad and good experiences to provide you with the worst advice possible.

We're Friendly & Caring.

Trust us, and your guidance and help needs will be in good hands.


Alex Seest

Tip & Advice Artist


Brandon Seest

Advice Advisor


Martha Seest

Senior Sanity Analyst


Charlie Seest

Quality Assurance Advisor


Donny Seest

Tip Creativity Specialist


Tom Seest

Chief Creativity Consultant

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding our services, we encourage you to send us an email. We are pleased to offer you peace of mind in knowing that the advice, help, guidance, and tips that you receive from us is some of the worst you will find on the internet. You are not alone; we are there for you.