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Some people will waste your time with mediocre advice and guidance, and the lifetime pursuit to differentiate bad from good becomes challenging. Our years of throwing caution to the wind, playing, and experimenting have led to the development of a comprehensive list of questions that we aim to answer for each of the types of tips and advice we provide. For each type of tip or piece of advice that you seek, we guarantee our answers will be truly awful.

We provide a wide range of disastrous services for tip and advice seekers everywhere.


Advice & Tip Guides

We collect, collate, and organize our bad tips and advice into helpful guides for you to download.


Topical & Timely News

We provide you with the worst advice possible to deal with all the fearful situations in the late-breaking news.


Advice Tipline

While you would never want to talk with us directly via phone or in person, we welcome your guidance and tip requests via our email tipline.


Advice & Tip Checklists

We create and provide you with step-by-step checklists to ensure that you don’t miss any steps in your implementation strategy.


Remote Training

We cannot provide in-person training due to environmental and demand limitations. However, for the right amount of money, we’ll train you remotely to dispense poor advice just like us.


Research & Methods

We guide you through the methods we used to research, evaluate, and test our horrific advice and tips. We teach and lead you to be like us.


Providing the Best of the Worst Tips Since 1965.

We believe that your advice and tip needs deserve the highest quality, comprehensive answers that provide clarity for your daily challenges.

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If you have any questions regarding our services, we encourage you to send us an email. We are pleased to offer you peace of mind in knowing that the advice, help, guidance, and tips that you receive from us is some of the worst you will find on the internet. You are not alone; we are there for you.